Our Story…

In 2001 Dan approached Jason with an idea of how we could bring Dan’s passion for GI Joe collecting and Jason’s experience in leadership and business to those collectors who were interested in seeking integrity in the GI Joe collectors’ space. Qualityjoes was born out of the idea of bringing collectors closer to the items they desire. Dan felt there were collectors in the GI Joe community that were looking for a reliable source for high quality GI Joe collectibles. As a result, we joined together and founded Qualityjoes.

Our guiding principle has always been to understand the collector’s interests and match them with our ability to assemble the best possible selection of GI Joe collectibles. Dan has an unparalleled dedication to ensuring the best possible product is presented to the customer with the most accurate and honest grading evaluations.

In 2011 Dan approached Jason with a challenge to figure out how to display Dan’s personal collection. Far too many collections are just stored away in cardboard museums. We wanted to design a product that would get collections out of storage and be something the collecting community would be proud to use to display their items – the Collectors Showcase. We went through countless design iterations and prototypes before we settled on the current versions. We sincerely hope there is a Collectors Showcase that meets your needs.

About Dan
Dan is a lifelong fan, collector and addict of all things related to GI Joe. It all started at the age of five when his older brother gave him a 5 Start Jeep, an Adventure Team Mobile Command Center and a Talking Commander. Two years later, he received the Field Light Attack Cannon (FLAK), Breaker and Short Fuze – what a Bro!

Dan is a co-founder and the owner of Qualityjoes. It is Dan’s vision and passionate pursuit of the next big buy that brings him so much joy. Sorting, restoring and selling GI Joes via Qualityjoes has provided Dan the ability to scratch that “collector itch” and purchase collections without negatively impacting his personal finances (which his wife greatly appreciates!).

A faithful believer in Jesus Christ, Dan was given the idea of the “Collectors Showcase” during his drive to church one Sunday. The concept of getting his favorite GI Joe characters out of his cardboard museum and onto the wall of his home office became a reality in 2011.

Favorite Joe = Ripcord (84)
Favorite Cobra = Firefly (84)
Favorite Joe Vehicle = Tomahawk (86), Rolling Thunder (88)
Favorite Cobra Vehicle = Moray (85)
Favorite Adventure Team Set = Green Beret (66)
Favorite Vintage Set = Tank Commander (67)
Favorite Vintage Vehicle = AT Mobile Command Center (72)

All selections are subject to change, based on the week, day or hour.

Dan meeting Larry Hama

About Jason
Jason is the other co-founder of Qualityjoes and was introduced into the world of GI Joes in 2001 when he was approached by Dan with this crazy idea of how they could combine Jason’s business acumen with Dan’s passion and knowledge of GI Joes. Dan proposed a business model that intrigued Jason enough for him to go all in on figuring out how to bring Dan’s vision to reality.

Jason’s role in Qualityjoes focuses on the customer facing aspects of the business. He oversees Qualityjoes.com, the Qualityjoes eBay store, and selling the Collectors Showcase on Amazon.com. He handles most of the customer communications and is the Chief Fulfillment Officer.

Jason is a lover of all things outdoors. He has been fortunate enough to finish over 10 marathons and even a couple ultra-marathons – he loves the long training runs when they reach into the four to five hour range. He has won his division in Olympic distance triathlons and enjoys spending the afternoons after church riding his bikes whether on the trail or the road.